Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Outsider Argentina: A look from the outside to the outside

The Outsider Argentina recently posted an interview with Lisa Furtado, owner of +Farrah Furtado Couture. The Outsider Argentina is a new project written by Samantha Schuster including interviews with musicians, actors, directors, and writers, among others, who live abroad.
She says:
"Despite the fact that our entertaining business is quite good, I always look up to other countries such as the US or UK. I believe that it is really interesting to know and learn about other things and compare to our own culture."
Sami studied journalism at the Universidad del Salvador, in Buenos Aires, and worked as a columnist for the radio programme, Acción 2.0.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Color Spotlight: Grey

Grey has become a popular wedding color because of it's versatility in wedding decor. It is a refined, elegant color and so it goes well with playful pastels (lighter shades of grey), but is also at home with other more 'sophisticated' colors like deep reds, purples, and greens (darker graphite shades). Grey is formal, elegant, and really will go well with any wedding theme colors.

If you choose grey for your bridesmaids, not only will they love you (grey is quite a forgiving color in the right fabrics) but more than likely, they'll love the dress, because they can wear it again.
If you're the adventurous type, grey is the perfect tone for multi colored bridesmaid dresses!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Wedding Gowns

Spring is a glorious season of new beginnings and a popular time of the year to get married. Every bride is beautiful, but this spring things are getting positively sumptuous. Lace is a huge trend, showing up on long and three-quarter-length sleeves, and the airiness continues with sheer portrait backs and V-neck illusion bodices. Lace also adds an alluring textural touch to frothy tulle skirt overlays.

Floral wedding gowns with voluminous, rosette-embellished skirts and exquisite, hand-beaded blossom-adorned corsets have long been a popular choice among brides, but this season the time-honored bridal fashion accent has truly been re-imagined with ultra-feminine blooms popping up in a variety of chic new ways. Designers such as Sareh Nouri, Oscar de la RentaAmsaleTheia and Terry Fox (to name a few!) are using color, embroidery, lace and even ruffled embellishments within their Spring 2013 collections to reinvent floral wedding gowns for the modern bride.

This is one reinvigorated trend designed to stand the test of time. Whether you want an over the top wedding dress complete with bursts of colourful blooms, or prefer the type of floral wedding gowns that are more subtly inspired by nature, designers are finding new ways to interpret the theme for every bridal aesthetic. To assist you in your search for “the dress” we’ve showcased a few of our favourite new floral inspired wedding gowns  — a few dramatic confections for the glamour girls and some understated options for the ethereal brides in the hopes that these fresh-off-the-runway styles will help inspire the search for your dream dress.
JLM couture wedding gown
And finally, some tips for spring weddings! If you're getting married in a church, talk to them about their Easter decorations. You may be able to save money by using theirs. Vendors and sites may be more available in the spring than in the summer, but don't forget about prom season; you may need to book limousines and tuxedos extra early. Consider providing your wedding party with coordinating umbrellas, just in case it rains. Don't worry too much, there is something romantic about a bride and groom under a big black umbrella, shining and smiling in love. Give favors of seed packets or bulbs, with thanks for supporting the growth of your love. Or, consider giving birdhouses – you can usually find or make these inexpensively at a dollar store or craft store.
                             Amsale Bijiou                                    Oscar De La Renta

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chic & Cheap Spring 2013 Fashion

Inspired by Moschino, custom tailored, any color, any length, on sale now for $115!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Free Dress Givaway!

Owner of Farrah Furtado Couture at her LA book
signing wearing a custom tailored dress made from
organic silk in a personalized graphic print.

Enter our contest today for a chance to win a FREE dress custom tailored for you! The grand prize winner will have the opportunity to work with our owner +Farrah Furtado to create the dress of her dreams! Three first prize winners will be given a $50 gift certificate towards any purchase this year. All winners will also receive an autographed copy of Lisa Furtado's debut novel Her Apparitions & Other Human Longings! This contest is open to applicants is all countries, make sure you enter today! Visit our Facebook Fan Page to submit an entry.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Romantic Spring Style

Spring is all about romance, hope, and gardens teeming with beautiful flowers. To achieve this look shop for styles that focus on lace details, delicate designs, petal colored fabrics, soft materials, and floral details. Sometimes the most interesting ensembles are a contrast of different styles. So consider combining romantic and hard edged items, like a soft flouncy blouse and leather pencil skirt. Pairing delicate floral elements with sharp details cultivates a look that is neither too girly nor too austere. Start by combining flowing silks with a corseted top. Accent the look with accessories that will sparkle in the sunlight, such as crystal jewelry and riveted accents. Finally, apply color, patterns and organic florals generously to achieve a look that is perfectly graceful and terribly sassy. Other parts of your outward appearance can also contribute to a romantic style. Long, curly and bouncy hair has romantic appeal, and showcasing a certain amount of skin can add romantic femininity to an ensemble. A romantic style is feminine, gentle, playful, whimsical and arty. Romantic garments are soft and delicate, and move as you walk or as the breeze catches your outfit. Your look will be soft and flowing, sensual and inviting.

Choosing one of the above styles for your reception dress or bridesmaid dresses?
You can always customize your color!
Check out the Pantone Spring Fashion Colors for 2013:

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Friday, March 1, 2013

VIP: Very Important Pet

He’s always been there for you through thick and thin. He waits for you to come home everyday. Nothing feels quite as comforting as the moment he comes and cuddles with you. No! I’m not talking about your future husband; I’m talking about your beloved pet! Weddings do tend to get chaotic and it is completely okay to opt for keeping your pooch in a doggie daycare. However if you do decide to include your special little guy or gal in the ceremony, there are plenty of delightful ways to incorporate your pet into your wedding!
Farrah Furtado Couture
The most popular idea is to have your dog act as your ring bearer. Not everyone can find a little boy to be a ring bearer. But if you already have a well behaved pet, why not let him have this important role on the big day? There are special cushion ring-holders that are especially made to be strapped onto your dog. Many vendors online sell these specialized cushions, or if you’re crafty and feeling up for a challenge, opt for a DIY version that you can personalize.

On the other hand, if you already have a ring bearer in mind, you can still make your pet your VIP guest. There are many cute DIY signs or outfits that are simply too adorable to resist! With so many ways to invite your specially little guy or gal into your ceremony, how will you incorporate him/her into your big day?

Planning with a Pet in Mind

Consider Your Pet’s Personality

A pet can be a guest of honor and simply stand with the wedding party during the ceremony, or your pet can have a specific role (ring bearer or flower girl are common roles) in the ceremony. But before giving your pet a starring role, think about whether this will be an enjoyable experience for him. Will your pet feel comfortable around your guests? Is he obedient and well behaved? There’s no guarantee that your pet will behave exactly how you want him to on the day of the wedding. Even the most outgoing and friendly pet can be overwhelmed by a crowd of guests, according to NAPPS. To make sure that your pet has enough time to develop a level of comfort around your guests, consider hiring a pet sitter, who will act as your pet's guide. And if your pet is especially skittish, consider having someone carry him or letting him ride in a wagon. And if he’s overly affectionate or easily distracted, be sure to use a short leash. Not all pets are suited to a wedding, and it’s important to assess the temperament of yours. Is he friendly or aggressive? Does he make a lot of noise? Does he try to steal food? If your pet's disposition doesn't lend itself to this type of situation, don't try to train him in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

Be Flexible

Once you've decided how to include your pet, be prepared to be flexible on the wedding day. "You can't force it," says Marc Morrone, owner of Parrots of the World pet store in Rockville Centre, New York. "If you expect your pet to perform a certain feat, have a backup plan in case he doesn't do it." Also, consider your own personality. A relaxed attitude is crucial.

Confirm That Pets are Allowed at Your Ceremony

With everything else on your to-do list, it’s easy to forget this simple—yet important—step. You don’t want to show up on the day of your wedding, four-legged ring-bearer in tow, only to be told that he needs to get off the propery, stat. Can’t bring your pet? You can still include her in the wedding! Include your pet in your portraits after the ceremony or in your engagement photos. At the reception, include photos of your pet on your table number cards, or make your wedding favors in tribute to your beloved pooch.

Notify Your Photographer

Prepare your photographer to capture your pet in action. It'll help your photographer prep for those unplanned moments, like when your dog leaps up to kiss you during the vows. Your photographer can also help you brainstorm fun photo ideas with your pets for after the ceremony.

Don’t Jeopardize Safety for Style

Planning on dressing your pooch in a tux? Make sure it fits properly and doesn’t create any discomfort for your pet. Keep the accessories simple—a bowtie or flower attached to the collar is a fun way to deck out your pet. Ensure that any accessories won’t come loose and pose a choking hazard to your pet.

Anticipate Potential Hazards

Ask at the wedding site about pesticides or toxic plants on the grounds, and about creatures that might distract or threaten your pet. Check online if any flowers or plants being used in your ceremony are toxic to your pet. If your florist is adorning your pet's collar, be sure she uses nontoxic materials. And keep pets, especially dogs, someplace safe during the reception so guests won't feed them. Certain wedding fare, including chocolate, alcohol, and meat with bones, can be dangerous.

Inform Your Attendants

Well in advance, inform attendants and vendors that your pet will play a role, and discuss special measures you'd like them to take. Also notify your officiant. Some may refuse to preside over a wedding that includes pets.

Never Leave Your Pet Alone

Consider hiring a handler with whom the pet is already acquainted, or have a friend be responsible for the pet during the wedding.

Practice Makes Perfect

Bring your pet to the site before the wedding day, and have him come to the rehearsal to practice his part if he will be participating in the ceremony.

The Other "Groom"

Take the animal to the groomer before the wedding so he'll look his best. Keep adornments minimal and easy for the pet to wear. Don't make him wear them for longer than is necessary.
Pets in Wedding
Have you attended weddings with pets?
Would you include your pet at your wedding?

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Wedding Veil

Traditionally, a bride wore her hair long, and down to represent purity. With the passing of time, the veil that usually covers the hair has come to represent this instead as more and more brides choose to fashion their hair in different styles. Today, the veil is either worn lifted throughout the ceremony, or sometimes lifted from the bride’s face by the groom after she’s been presented to him, acting as a direct symbol of the consummation of their marriage.

Symbolic or not, the veil has become an article of fashionable craft. Brides-to-be have an array of choices for the style, pattern, and length of the veil as it expresses a detailed final touch to her ensemble. A perfect veil will complete the overall appearance of the bride in her gown, as it will be the statement accessory placed closest to her face.

Veils are as unique as the bride herself. They can be made from a variety of different materials and patterns – some even created to match the patterns on the brides’ lace wedding dresses. There are a few popular standard lengths when it comes to veils.

Cathedral and Chapel

The most dramatic choice of all the lengths, the cathedral length veil usually accompanies a gown with a sizable train. The lace pattern on the outer edge of the veil looks exquisite when laid out flat behind the bride. However, this veil is a diva – it requires constant attention and adjustment from the bridesmaids. The chapel length is shorter than the cathedral length in that it’s a slight train. However, in this case, shorter does not mean meeker – chapel length veils can be just as dramatic and detailed as the cathedral length.


Just as described by its name, the ankle length veil is a floor length veil. No train involved in this length and just the right amount of drama for black-tie, but modest enough for semi-formal. If your wedding gown is floor length with no train, but you want to add elegant flare, this will be the perfect choice.


When the bride stands with her hands down by her side, this veil hits her fingertips. This is probably one of the more popular lengths because it’s a good balance between long and short. The fingertip length feels elegant yet spirited, and versatile enough for wedding dresses of all lengths.


Even shorter than the fingertip length veil is the elbow length veil. Aptly named, this veil hits the bride’s elbows when her arm is down by her side. Usually the elbow length veil is worn with short wedding dresses or knee length wedding dresses, however some brides that are shorter than 5’3” will find this length more fitting for their body. I personally think this length works for all dress lengths because it is the most playful of the bunch. A more layered look can also be achieved with this veil, giving more volume and poof, which can also be advantageous for a petite bride.


The birdcage veil is very sophisticated and refined. With the television series Mad Men being so popular, many people are fashioning their wedding after the 1960s vintage theme. Imagine classy wedding dresses with sleeves and a sassy birdcage veil – totally modern vintage!

Which look is your favorite?
Would you go for long and dramatic or short and sweet?

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Style Icon: Michelle Obama

Before First Lady Michelle Obama joined her husband at his public inauguration, the most immediate question for many in the audience was, “Who is she wearing?”

Michelle Obama's choice of attire is among the few genuine unknowns surrounding President Barack Obama's second term inaugural. And while it may seem laughable to some, it’s an endorsement that could potentially mean millions of dollars in new business for a designer. Her decision to wear a flowing ivory gown by young designer Jason Wu to the inaugural balls four years ago made him a major force in the fashion industry. The ruby-colored chiffon and velvet dress was a follow-up to the white gown Wu made for her in 2009.

"I can't believe it. It's crazy," said Wu. "To have done it once was already the experience of my life. To have a second time is tremendous."She paired the dress with a handmade diamond embellished ring by jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald, and shoes designed by Jimmy Choo. At the end of the inaugural festivities, the first lady's outfit and accompanying accessories will go to the National Archives.
In an image-conscious society, Michelle Obama embodies the importance of honing a signature style and remaining true to it, said Mikki Taylor author of "Commander-in-Chic: Every Woman's Guide to Managing Her Style Like a First Lady."

Developing a personal style that fits our lives and our bodies frees us from worrying about what to wear and lets us focus on what really matters.

Her outfits emphasize fashion and function, reflecting her broader platform of healthy and active living, said decorative arts historian Carmela Spinelli, chair of the Savannah College of Art and Design's fashion department. When she bares her arms for a gym class with schoolchildren, she makes headlines on the politics page and the style section, inspiring Americans to hit the floor for push-ups and reconsider sheaths under cardigans.

Her support for emerging designers of diverse backgrounds and influences has bolstered the fashion industry's bottom line while reflecting the country's diverse cultural landscape, Spinelli said.

Designer Jason Wu and his sketch for Michelle's custom designed Inauguration Gown

Owning your personal style makes shopping easier because you can do so without feeling beholden to trends. Sticking to what flatters you also helps you dress with confidence each morning without feeling the need to seek approval from others.

Michelle Obama is tall and statuesque but she's not the typical model size. Yet she looks great in whatever she wears because she has figured out what works for her body and lifestyle and stays true to her personal style, said celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

French Styled Wedding Theme

We love checking out all the customized wedding palettes available online!  Some bloggers will even take requests if you have an idea of your own color combinations.

This French styled wedding is so unique. Everything about it is just lovely and although I know nothing about the bride, her style is tasteful and everything is gorgeous.

1. B&W Macaroons. No other sweet captures French elegance better. Not to mention that macaroons are so tasty!

2. The bride is dressed in a lacy French countryside style gown, while her bridesmaids are wearing black and white striped J. Crew dresses. Oh-la-la! Although it would be way over the top, imagine her bridesmaids in cute little berets!?

3. The groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres are of an assortment of greens.

4. Treat bags with floral details. These are so cheap and easy to do, check the DIY here!

5. Black and white poppies up the elegance of her wedding. Although they may not be French by origin, they are too elegant to ignore.

6. An apertif bar stocked with French dessert liquors, flavored wines, champagne, and juices. Yum!

7. Their minimalist invitations keep the B&W theme in check, and brings in the stripe pattern carried throughout the wedding by the bridesmaid dresses.

Hope their wedding was as insipring to you as it was for me. Au revoir cherie!